CYSPA – the European Cyber Security Protection Alliance- is a results oriented project set up by 17 organisations active in ICT. CYSPA addresses trustworthy ICT through a European strategy to protect cyberspace.

Operating as a European project from October 2012 to March 2015, CYSPA is using this opportunity as the seed funding to launch an Alliance with a view of evolving towards self-sustainability beyond the end of the CYSPA project. The aim of the Alliance is to enable EU stakeholders to work together to articulate, embody and deliver the concrete actions needed to reduce cyber disruption.

In this context, CYSPA delivers outcomes that directly benefit its members, including:
• A cyber threats analysis and impact methodology, tested across five sectors: e-government, energy, finance, telecommunications and transport;
• A technology & solutions observatory, enabling users to obtain up-to-date information about which approaches can be applied to protect their organisations from specific cyber threats;
• An integrated European strategy for the protection of cyberspace, consolidating the input and expertise built up by industrial and research communities in protecting themselves from cyber threats.

In addition to delivering these concrete outcomes, CYSPA members will benefit from a dedicated online platform allowing them to access the results and to further share best practices to support secure operations in cyber-space. This platform will also enable the private sector and research stakeholders to propose research topics and innovative solutions under the Horizon 2020 European initiative.

CYSPA innovates in defining and validating metrics specific to economic sectors and societal domains. CYSPA tests this approach across the five selected sectors during the lifetime of the project, elaborating these metrics with the involvement of stakeholders from each sector. Furthermore, the approach will be open to expansion to domains beyond the five selected sectors. This top-down approach complements bottom-up approaches, with the aim of evolving to a full awareness, involvement and interest across users (operators, citizens) and providers (research and industrial communities), leading to a user pull for new deployments. This innovation is key in building trustworthy ICT.


The Alliance delivers results through clearly identified action lines and operates both at sectorial level in domains proposed by its members and at cross-domain level.

CYSPA currently focuses on 5 sectors:
• E-Government
• Energy
• Finance
• Telecommunications
• Transport

CYSPA currently works on 4 action lines:
• Measuring the impact of cyber disruptions
• Delivering a technology and solutions observatory
• Consolidating its members’ industrial and research expertise into a European strategy to protect cyber space
• Creating a cyber disruptions knowledge base

New sectors and action lines will be added based on members’ requests, needs and on the European and national contexts.

European Organisation for Security - Belgium
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica - Italy
Atos - Spain
Cassidian - France
BAE Systems Detica - United Kingdom
Visionwarz - Portugal
Elmar Husmann Unternehmensberatung - Germany
SAP - Germany
Corte - Belgium
Selex ES - Italy
STM - Turkey
Thales - France
Fraunhofer - Germany
TNO - The Netherlands
University of Trento - Italy
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - Spain
Telecom Italia - Italy