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Cooperation makes us stronger
Recently, EOS and its Members proposed a new approach for Security in Europe by taking concrete actions on the creation of two major European Flagship Programmes based on a Public – Private Partnership: Cybersecurity and Integrated Border Security.

Cybersecurity Flagship
"To build a Smart & Secure Digital Europe, we have to better understand what is at stake and reconsider our future investments, focusing them towards priorities that would have a real and positive impact on Europe .To address these issues, we propose the creation of a European Cybersecurity Flagship, with the following major objectives..."
EOS Study on a EU Cybersecurity Flagship Programme - Extended summary

Read our latest interventions and position papers as food for thought
Moving towards a sustainable European cybersecurity industry
EOS chairman's speech on a Renewed Internal Security Strategy


Integrated Border Security

"During the last months / years, Europe has faced an unexpected increase in migration pressure, which has underlined the weakness of the EU borders approach. This has generated very critical and diversified crises in many States of the Union. The time has come for a new Border Security paradigm in Europe as the single area of freedom, security and justice is at stake..."
An EOS Strategic Initiative for a Flagship Programme on European Integrated Border Security - Concept Paper / Executive Summary





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