EOS facilitates the development and uptake of better technology solutions for border security
    both at border checkpoints, and along maritime and land borders.



    EOS’ Cyber and Physical Security Working Group promotes a comprehensive cyber-physical approach to European security.
    It aims to facilitate the development and uptake of technological solutions that will enable the EU to effectively prevent,
    manage and recover from crises caused by hybrid and other threats.



    The Research and Innovation Working Group focuses on defining and promoting strategic R&I priorities tackling needs
    and gaps across the various security domains. It also contributes to shaping future development of security solutions
    by facilitating its members’ participation to ongoing EU-security related programmes.
  • Applications for SSD technologies must continually adapt to keep European citizens,
    infrastructures and economies secure from evolving threats.



    The Artificial Intelligence Task Force addresses AI for security. It aims to contribute to the definition of common
    European requirements, identification of technological and capability gaps and solution, and implementation
    of AI-focused capability development plan for security.
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