EOS Publications

EOS Paper on the Comprehensive Assessment of EU Security Policy

EOS is convinced that a stronger European security industrial base needs to be developed if the EU is to enhance the effectiveness of its security policy. - Read

EOS Paper on the future of Security Research

EOS reaffirms its support for FP9, calls for extensive R&I funding and, more specifically, Security Research in alignment with the Security Union priorities.

- Read

EOS Position Paper on SSD Technologies to enhance European Rail Security

EOS provides its perspective on developing Security Screening and Detection Technologies to enhance European Rail Security.

- Read

EOS Paper on Certification of Aviation Security Screening Equipment

EOS provides its perspective on the European Commission's proposal to establish a Union certification system for aviation security screening equipment.

- Read

EOS White Paper on Security Union

EOS provides its perspective on the EU’s Security Union policy and the role of industry within it, while setting forth practical recommendations towards holistic European security and a competitive European security industry.

- Read

October 2014

Moving towards a sustainable European cybersecurity industry - Read

January 2014

EOS contribution to the public consultation on the future of Home Affairs policies - Read

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