From: 19-01-2021 - To: 19-01-2021


EU-HYBNET Innovation Knowledge Exchange Workshop

The EU-HYBNET consortium will hold its first virtual EU-HYBNET Innovation Knowledge Exchange Workshop #IKEW, on 19 January 2021.

This first Workshop will introduce participants to the EU-HYBNET project, its existing network and the EC’s interest to extend the network as a Pan-European hybrid platform for Members States’ needs. Concretely, the workshop aims to provide practitioners, industry, SMEs, and academia an opportunity to exchange information on challenges to counter hybrid threats and possible innovations to answer them.

In particular, the event will focus on the EU-HYBNET core themes which are:

• Future trends of Hybrid Threats

• Cyber and future technologies

• Resilient civilians, local level, and administration

• Information and strategic communications

The workshop is open to project partners and external participants upon registration.

You can find the agenda and the link to register to the event at the booklet available here.

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